DRIVE ENHANCED PRODUCTIVITY The best search applications are … Use Cases At Search365, we develop platforms that drive collaboration and improve efficiency through information discovery. Share; Like... Eduard Daoud, Director of Sales, Marketing and Professional Service at interface projects GmbH. Prior to engaging Search365, the Firm had implemented a legal-specific Enterprise Search solution from Recommind, but the product was found to be expensive and inflexible. There are really three distinct forms of enterprise search: 1) Web-based search, 2) Business Analytics or “Big Data” search and 3) Business Productivity Search. What does that mean? A common use case for Azure Cosmos DB is to store and query user generated content (UGC) for web, mobile, and social media applications. Enterprise data catalog (EDC) assists enterprises to have a all-inclusive view of metadata , with a single tool it assists in analyzing and understanding large volumes of metadata in the enterprise.When working with EDC we will often be hearing two phrases catalog and Asset.EDC helps in extracting physical ,technical ,business and operational metadata from their enterprise systems. Some examples of UGC are chat sessions, tweets, blog posts, ratings, and comments. Top 10 use cases for enterprise search to increase organization productivity 724 views. Use Cases. Definition & Use-Case . Case studies & Best practices – Enterprise Search Use Cases. Intelligent Enterprise Search . Imagine if your company’s Intranet search were as easy, personalised, and contextual as Google’s Internet search. Enterprise Search is a search solution that provides unified, comprehensive, and secure real-time access to organizational data which enables users to search for structured data (business objects) and allows direct access to the associated applications and actions. intergator was implemented as a comprehensive search solution in a large number of organizations of different industries and sizes in order to enable efficient work in information landscapes characterized by large amounts of data and heterogeneous data sources. Enterprise offers a number of easy ways for customers to obtain a copy of a receipt for a previous rental. Of course, successfully making the business case for investments in enterprise search technology involves more than just numbers. ENTERPRISE SEARCH Five reasons to embrace enterprise search in your organization. Hyland’s Enterprise Search offering makes locating information simple, straightforward and fast — supporting a variety of use cases. USE CASE: Legal "High performance search for highly successful lawyers" THE SITUATION. Get more info.

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