Otherwise, the entire food chain would collapse. On the ocean's surface waters, microscopic … We could take this back a little further, and say that the pond food chain begins with the presence of phytoplankton, which is seemingly present everywhere, and … A food chain is a simplified way to show the relationship of organisms that feed on each other. So let’s work our way from bottom to top: In the aquatic food chain, everything begins with phytoplankton. Whole lake ecosystem additions of stable isotope tracer 13 C indicated that about half the energy for the food web was derived from allochthonous sources in three Wisconsin lakes, two oligotrophic and one dystrophic (Pace et al., 2004; Carpenter et al., 2005). The point that should be made is that when something disrupts a food web, humans should try to understand and minimize the disturbance. The number of trophic levels is the same as the number of species in the food chain. Even so, there is an artificial lake that is usually called the term reservoir. Small fish provide food for larger fish, and the more small fish are available, the larger the large fish will grow. Humans are parts of food chains and food webs, too. Develop a model to describe the cycling of matter and flow of energy among living parts of the food chain. Finally, if the food chain achieved good results, starting with the phytoplankton, and you are a reasonably good angler, you will have food for your own table! //

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