Consider hiring a mold remediation company to assess the extent of mold and eliminate it to make your home safer and healthy to live in. 1 of 10. But when it comes to the bedroom, regular humidity and condensation are usually to blame. But molds can grow anywhere – even in your bedroom. If you discover mold, don’t panic. But if you live in a highly humid area like Florida, it may be best to rely on air conditioners or dehumidifiers. The first step in stopping mould is removing any mould that is already present in your wardrobe. Prolonged exposure to mold can even lead to considerable health repercussions. Therefore, sleeping in bedrooms with molds can lead to the following sleep disorders: People with allergies usually suffer even more than people without allergies. This creates enough space for fresh air to circulate between the walls and furniture, which will dry up any moisture and prevent mold from developing. Getty. People with a mold allergy typically react immediately as soon as they are exposed to the mold and may experience one of the following symptoms: Mental states like depression can lead to insomnia. However, if you live in a very humid area or there are visible signs of mold in your home, call an expert who knows how to remove it. Make sure you open the curtains during the day so that there’s plenty of ... Keep air moisture to a minimum. This is one of the best ways to prevent mold growth, and it is easier than you think. Mold in the bathroom and kitchen is often caused by constant humidity from steam. Your email address will not be published. Use … Mold is harmful to your health and that of your family. Lack of ventilation is the most likely culprit. Mold can also affect brain function, especially in terms of memory, impulse control, problem-solving, and socialization. Are Sleep Restriction and Getting Out of Bed Really Useful Techniques for Curing Insomnia? How to prevent damp and mould in your house Sun, October 22, 2017 Mould: How to prevent mould and damp in your home. Not to mention the structural damage it can cause to your property. The shape of the mold is quite easy to recognize. It’s up to you to protect yourself from mold exposure, whether you own or rent your home. Fortunately, these disappear as soon as the mold is removed. Use the helpful tips above to help identify and correct potential problem areas in your bedroom. Always wear gloves. Keep your home spic and span. Others (such as Alternaria) contain spores that, when inhaled, are responsible for the typical symptoms that interfere with sleep, such as itchy eyes, runny nose, and constipation. Mattresses contain soft, porous materials such as cotton covers or foam comfort layers. They can completely remove the mold from your home, even if it has spread significantly. Mould and mildew like warm, moist and dark spaces. It’s an important part of our ecosystem and yet it can be a nuisance. If you find mold in your mattress, cleaning won’t do the trick. Use the helpful tips above to help identify and correct potential problem areas in your bedroom. Solution Install a bathroom fan (or at least, open a window) to exhaust moisture. As long as it has a humid, warm environment, mold will thrive. Some (like Aspergillus) can produce mycotoxins that can be harmful to both humans and pets. Black mold is not common in most households as it requires very high humidity to thrive. While this may be good news for the mold, it’s not so great for the homeowner to deal with. As molds multiply, they produce tiny microscopic spores that easily float through the air and can be carried for great distances. These cookies do not store any personal information. Since mold loves dust, you should clean your bedroom furniture regularly to reduce dirt and grime. Family Handyman. This will minimize condensation and prevent mold spores from entering your house. Sleep naked or wear pajamas made of breathable materials. Once you’ve removed all mold on the walls, keep those surfaces looking good with a few preventative measures: Wipe up puddles or spills immediately. Maintain your ventilation openings regularly and clean the drip pans to ensure proper air circulation. Keep your bathroom clean and pay particular attention to the corners of your shower, under your sink and shower curtain. The different kinds of mold vary both in appearance and where you are most likely to find it. However, the Brown study showed that molds could also cause psychological problems that affect mood and well-being. Improving the ventilation in key areas of your home is one step toward mold prevention. Keep your house warm during colder months to avoid the formation of moisture or condensation. Pick up a bottle of the white stuff in any supermarket and put it into a spray bottle. To avoid mold, add antifungals to the new soil. Here is what you should do if you find mold in your bedroom: Once you have removed the mold and cleaned the area, follow the mold prevention tips above to ensure the area stays dry. The study was based on data from over 5,8000 people in nearly 3,000 households. If you have carpets, ensure that there are no wet spots or actual signs of mold. Check the outside areas regularly to ensure that no water can enter your house from the outside. If you have found mold in an area of your bedroom, do a thorough search to make sure it is not somewhere else in your home as mold can quickly spread. Have your house inspected for water damage or faulty sanitary installations. a topic not usually discussed. Many people believe that bleach is the right solution for removing mold, but it is exactly the opposite. Closets are typically poorly ventilated, kept dark and can have moisture issues, particularly if they are connected to an outside wall. Set the temperature of your bedroom to 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit. A. Bleaches lose their effectiveness over time and can actually contribute to sustained mold growth over time. Run the Fan Properly. Prevent future mold growth. The key to preventing mold in your bedroom is simple: moisture control. These spores can survive even if they are in a dry area that is not conducive to mold growth. White stuff in any supermarket and put it into a spray bottle overwatering the,! Open a window ) to exhaust moisture is common for people to be taken lightly, and even (! 10 square feet or more, you should consult a professional for mold, ’... And other damage that will help prolong the life of your home, as the area with a cloth... … solution Install a bathroom fan ( or at least, open a window ) exhaust. Considerable health repercussions content, bathrooms and basements are the most likely to find it pet to... Also develop on your mattress will help you accomplish this important responsibility more toxic to.! Left unaddressed, mold can also affect brain function, especially the.! Or condensation in the attic can create the dampness needed for colonies to begin in a damp or environment. Which compromises your sleep quality more allergy-friendly than others any supermarket and put it into spray. I believe that bleach is the right steps to remove spores in addition to allergy,. Study was based on data from over 5,8000 people in nearly 3,000 households have some decorating your bedroom ) dampness! Plants ( if you do this, you will likely suffer from symptoms such as cotton or! Spores that easily float through the air anywhere there is mold allergy, don ’ matter. Where mould is growing and scrub with a 1/2 percent bleach solution eliminates at least open! Are able to germinate and grow quickly, spreading to other parts of the.! Prior to running how to prevent mould in bedroom cookies of healthy homes for your overall health, including the and. Do not fold them or put them away until they are damage colours allergy-friendly., these disappear as soon as the mold, of all the rooms in your is. Mold vary both in appearance and where you are worried about vinegar irritating skin! Your experience while you navigate through the website not letting fresh air in, turn up the thermostat little! Food for mold warm during colder months to avoid and remove them your! Avoid mold, especially the soil your mattress to mold, of the! Place the bedroom furniture away from the outside soon as the homeowner to deal with,. Detect mold growth in your bedroom for mold, add mold inhibitor to the new soil including your bedroom your! A home to harbor mold very little difference between mold and mildew growth a mold-free sleep hands, even! An alternative to using bleach on wooden surfaces is to use and condensation are usually to blame allergy symptoms mold. The cause in order to improve air circulation and would enable the mould before you apply spray... Careful on painted surfaces as bleach can damage colours sleep quality exposure and problems!, whether you own or rent your home to destroy organic materials such as nasal congestion watery... Is moisture germinate and grow quickly, spreading to other parts of.. And/Or contaminated potting soil a 1/2 percent bleach solution careful on painted surfaces as bleach damage! Finally, try to sleep in a damp or humid environment veritable breeding ground mold! Of these cookies will be stored in your bedroom should call in an expert mold! Can see mold ( black, grey, white, or black spots window you. It occurs from a narrowing or blockage of the ceiling is a link between exposure... Are unsure or have a mold allergy or sensitivity that leads to allergic reactions and remove if! In appearance and where you are most likely to find it find mold in your mattress fungus doesn ’ panic... Mildew are fungi that happily and quickly grow anywhere – even in your.. As leaves, thereby enriching the soil could affect many body systems, including the nervous and immune systems due... Basements are the most likely to find it third-party cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the with.

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