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Tell Your Story

05a567e4424211e28fba22000a1fb1a7_7You have been given a story to tell. God did not give you your story for you to hide it. Today is the day to start living God’s story for you. Your story is worth telling! And I want to hear it.

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  1. laura on February 7, 2013 at 8:24 am

    Yes! I lead a women’s group at my church and we’ve had an average of 35 ladies coming weekly over the last two years. I’ve been trying and trying to get them to share their stories with no success. I have six weeks to fill with lessons in the spring and I had been praying about it when God showed me some verses and stories in the Bible where the “sharing of a testimony” had great impact.

    So that’s what I’m going to teach and we are going to workshop how to tell our stories and then if they still won’t tell their stories we’ll just end two weeks early. 🙂 Cuz stories is all I’ve got!

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