Are You Worth Following?

IMG_0559.JPGI am totally addicted to Twitter. I love following amazing pastors, speakers, bloggers, friends and authors. I get so much inspiration and encouragement from people I don’t even know. But I am super picky about who I follow on twitter. I don’t want to hear gossip or junk. I don’t just follow anyone, and that’s how we should be in our lives. You will be like the people you follow, whether you like it or not. We are affected by the people we talk to most and spend our lives with.

While hiking with several teens from my church a while ago, I observed something special. My friend Neiko who is an amazing small group leader in our high school and junior high youth groups was being followed everywhere by two teenage boys. If he climbed a rock they climbed it, if he wanted to try a different trail they followed him. Then I saw them again at our youth service, the same boys were watching Neiko. But this time when Neiko raised his hands in worship, they watched him, and worshiped their Savior with him. WOW! If these boys are willing to follow Neiko up a rock, they will follow him to the foot of the cross!

As leaders we are supposed to be living a life that points to Christ. Are you worth following? Are you living a life that shines so bright for Christ that others want to know the God you follow? If you are a Christian people are watching you, are you worth watching?

All this got me thinking. When Christ and his disciples traveled they were followed by thousands! They lived life together, taught the people, prayed with them, healed them and loved them. As Christians the best example of how to disciple, is Christ. We should strive to live like Him, love like Him and disciple like him. He lived his life with the people he was discipling, He walked each day with them.

How can you live a life that makes people want to know about the God you love? You love God first, you spend time with Him, you learn about Him, you pray, and you dig deep in your relationship with your Savior. When you’re doing that, Christ can’t help but shine so bright in your life that people will want to know where that light is coming from. Nieko’s light shines, and he is using that light to love and teach teenage boys about Jesus. That is AMAZING! I am so blessed to know and serve alongside Neiko and am lucky to call him my friend.

This past week during a leaders meeting Pastor Kevin said, “You can’t lead people where you have not gone.” That is so true, if you want to lead others to Christ, you better know Him well! As you lead others, make sure you’re leading yourself to learning, studying and growing in your faith!

So, are you worth following?