A Woman to Look Up To

All of Social Media is all a buzz over this weeks VMA awards, I’m kinda surprised by the fact that people are shocked. I mean seriously its the VMAs, something crazy stupid always happens. It’s not like MTV is known for breeding great role models. But it did get me thinking about role models and who my daughter looks up to. My sweet girl does adore Hannah Montana, but has no clue who she grew up to be. However I am proud to say that I know that my daughter looks up to some amazing women. From her Great Grandmother to her teenage cousins, she is surrounded by wonderful women. And one of those women is my best friend Sarah Lynn Grubb.


I met Sarah Lynn a few years ago when she came to my church to sing a song for a childrens program at Christmas time. There’s silly things I remember like holding the door open for her back stage because she had to run between auditoriums to get on stage on time, but my first true memory of Sarah Lynn was watching her sing her heart out on stage, she has a voice that is like no one elses. A talent that I was in awe of, I mean really who was this woman and why was she singing at our church. This chick should be selling out the Staples Center, that is how awesome she is. Sarah Lynn captured my heart and I knew I wanted to be friends with her, but she lived in Oregon, and we didn’t really talk on that trip. However a few months later that amazingly gifted woman moved to California to be the worship leader at Discovery church, I may or may not have forced her to be my friend, but I am glad I did. Not only because she blesses my life as an amazing friend, but because she is a role model to my daughter.

_MG_8157_silverscreenSarah Lynn loves Jesus Christ with all her heart, she passionately pursues Him with her life and gives so much to the people around her, whether she knows them or not. She is an amazing mother to two wonderful children, she is also an adoring and supportive wife. She serves at church and goes above and beyond to share Gods love with others. She is also a gifted musician and is chasing her dreams. She has been writing, recording and preparing for her latest album “Today”┬áthis past year.┬áThis woman wears so many hats and works her heart out, all the while with a smile. This is the woman I want my daughter emulating, this is the woman I want my daughter to look up to and strive to be like. And it brings a smile to my face knowing that she does. I’m not horrified about the VMAs because my daughter didn’t see it, last week she saw Sarah Lynn on stage, ushering hundreds of people into worship. My daughter watched a woman chasing after Gods own heart. I know who my daughters role models are, do you?

We as parents can’t control MTV, but we can control who we have in our childrens lives. I challenge you to look around you and see who are in your kids lives, and instead of complaining about something your kids shouldn’t be watching anyway, place people in their lives that will inspire them and push them to be better and achieve their dreams.

Sarah Lynn is currently chasing her dream! You want you children to have someone spectacular to look up too and hear some amazing music you have got to check out and support “Today” by going to www.sarahlynngrubb.com. This is a woman who God has placed extraordinary gifts into, and she is using those gifts to honor Him. Her music will touch your heart. You can be part of this incredible story and give your kids someone to look up to. I am proud to support Sarah Lynn, and I hope you take a moment to hear her heart.