Adventure Is Out There

Adventure is out there! -Pixar’s UP

2-IMG_1062One of my favorite movies to watch over and over again is UP. I love everything about the movie, the love story, the adventure and dreams coming true. I know life can’t be like the movies. But why not try. I mean “Adventure is out there!” so why not go on one?

Ever since I was little my sister Cameo and I would go on adventures. We’d play for hours in my mom’s yard and run through out the fields of Chatsworth pretending we’re on “Little House on The Prairie”. She and I would go on so many adventures, time spent with my little sister playing in an imaginary world are my favorite childhood memories.

But when the rest of the world grew up I kept going on adventures. I have no idea how people can just stay home all the time and do nothing. Adventures don’t have to be tying a million balloons to your house and flying to South America. It can be something as simple as a family walk to discover your neighborhood. Or building a fort with your spouse and watching a movie under it. I live for adventures, like taking my honey on a date to the ocean and sushi for no reason, grabbing my kids and getting cupcakes just for fun, surprising friends at their work just to give them a hug, having a picnic dinner outside in our yard, star-gazing on my trampoline, finding new places and things are what life is all about… the adventure. LIVING!

While explaining one of my latest adventures (coloring, watching cartoons and giggling like little girls with my friend Sara) to my friend Ed he said the most awesome thing:

“We don’t stop doing child like things because they are no longer fun, we stop doing them because we have no one to do them with” -Ed McGowan 

Adventures are always more fun with someone else. My childhood adventures were always with my little sister and now I have my own family and amazing friends to find adventure with. Even in the movie Up, Carl needed a partner. For the beginning of his life his adventure partner was his precious wife Ellie. And when he lost her, he thought he could never go on another adventure. But he does, the greatest adventure of his life with two partners in crime. We all need someone to go on an adventure with. So grab someone you love and do something today. You will never regret the moments spent truly living with the people you care for most. What you will regret are the missed opportunities, the moments that never happened and the life that wasn’t lived.

We each only get ONE chance to live this life, don’t waste it sitting at home. Adventure is out there! Make a memory and make it count.