Broken is Beautiful

I found this video awhile ago and just thought it was amazing. People of the Second Chance is an organization that I deeply love and respect. They are a global community of activists, imperfectionists and second chancers committed to unleashing radical grace everyday, in every moment, for everyone. You have to check them out, I also had the pleasure of being in one of their campaigns last year Labels Lie: Violation of a Label . They are amazing and this is just one of the many wonderful life changing videos they have!

I was drawn to this video because I love art and I love when it’s used to bring God glory. I am in awe of Stephanie, the artist in the video above. I was moved by what she said and just had to post it here for you to see. The fact that she see’s beauty in something that no one sees makes her different. And I love different people.

Stephanie makes art out of something that is broken, x-rays of manged bones and tumors. Just got me thinking about how God uses the ugliness of life to show His beauty and love. We are all broken, and the people we come into contact with everyday are broken too. It seems like we all try to put on this facade of being “ok” or “normal” and we aren’t. We are broken and messed up, showing others that and how God uses our brokenness is what the world needs to see.

I’ve wanted to write about some heart struggles I have been having over saying good-bye to my foster baby, but haven’t had the strength or courage to write about my heart break and honestly I really didn’t think the world wanted to hear about it. However the biggest thing that stood out to me in this video was when Stephanie said, “Perfect X-rays get thrown away.” It hit me, the doctors only care about the ones that show the breaks. Made me think about God and the people He chooses to use. He uses broken people to help other broken people. I’m not perfect and I struggle, but God is using me. I shouldn’t be afraid to tell my story, no matter how ugly it can be at times.

Stephanie also says that a X-ray is “a picture of pain” and it’s tangible. The world needs to hear our stories and see who we really are. We can show them the picture of pain and then tell them how God transformed that pain. When someone is going through a dark time they feel alone and think no one knows how they feel. Your story could change that loneliness and could show them that God is with them, loves them and is the healer of all things broken.

Through out the bible God used broken and messed up people to change the world. And guess what?! God hasn’t changed, He is still using broken people to save broken people! How awesome is that? My God is extraordinary and is the most amazing artist. Let him use your picture of pain to make some beautiful art.