Don’t wait… Lead Well Lead NOW!

1-_MG_0688Hey you! Yes you! You are a leader. Don’t shake your head at me, you are. People are watching you, if you like it or not, they are. What are you going to do about it?

We are all full of excuses. We think, “When this happens then I will…” or “If I just get my stuff together, then…” or “When I have more money I will…”  so many of us will spend our life waiting for something that may never come. What a waste! You will miss out on God’s great adventure, and you know what else? The world will miss out on the awesomeness God created in you!

I’m typing this as there are dishes in my sink, toys all over the floor and piles of work all over my house. I have a hundred things on my to-do list and no possible way to get it all done today. However tonight my house will be filled with teenage girls ready to study the book of James. They don’t care what my house looks like or the list of tasks I will fail at completing today. They want a place to hang out, a place to feel accepted and loved and a place to learn. They want leaders who will love them and care enough to speak truth into their lives. They need Jesus, not a perfect leader.

If I waited until I was a good house keeper, or waited until I was fully equip to teach, I would be waiting a long time (forever). I am not gifted in keeping up with house work and I didn’t go to seminary, But God did call me to love girls and tell them about Jesus. So I am. I started serving in student ministries when I was 16. I was told I was too young, but I didn’t wait. At 21 I started directing a student ministry and I was told women shouldn’t teach, that didn’t stop me. At 26 I was told I would never work in student ministry again, I kept going. I’m not perfect and I am never going to be. But waiting or stopping is not an option. NOW is the only option.

Stop waiting to act on the call God has placed in your life. People are waiting for you, people need you, God created you for a specific purpose that only YOU can accomplish… stop waiting for things to be perfect, because it will never happen.

Just happens I will be teaching in James 4 tonight:

Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. James 4:14

Do something TODAY! We aren’t promised tomorrow. Don’t vanish before living out Gods adventure for you. Join me!