Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.1 Thessalonians 5:11

photo (18)Yesterday I received a very unexpected note in the mail. I mean anything that’s not a bill is unexpected, right? Really how often do you receive a hand written note? I thought maybe it’s a thank you card or an invitation to a kids party. I was wrong. It was a sweet note of encouragement. This wasn’t a note from a family member or even someone who is in the category of “best friend”. This note was from a wonderful woman who really listened to something I said to her in passing and felt the need to encourage me. WOW!

In our world today we are so busy and so willing to glaze over what people say to us, or to be honest we really don’t want to hear what they are saying anyways. Because who really has time to listen to other people problems anyway? How often are you asked “How are you?” and your response is “good.” when in reality everything is far from good? We don’t talk about what’s really going on and we don’t really want to hear the truth. We are constantly moving to the next thing, the next appointment or meeting. We sprint through our day reading texts while eating lunch with friends, answering emails at the dinner table and letting real life pass us by.

This amazing woman of God who I talk to almost every Sunday spent maybe 5 minutes speaking with me, she truly heard my heart and was moved by God to encourage me. I had told her how much I looked up to her as a mother and grandmother, and that I was in awe of the woman she is. I joked that if she gave classes on being a good mom I would love to attend because I could only hope to be the kind of woman she is. Behind that joke was a real deep insecurity that I have, I’m scared of failing as a mother and wife. I have a deep fear of ruining the lives of those I love most. I struggle daily with feeling unworthy of my family. And this beautiful woman I was speaking to heard the fear behind my “joke”. She went home and sat down and wrote me the most lovely note of encouragement. She squashed my fears with truth and spoke love and light into my life. That is what this Christian life is about!

We are called to be there for one another, to love and encourage each other. We so often lose sight of what’s most important in this life. We get so busy fighting for the best job, the most money, the better position and we forget what we were sent here to do. We were sent here to love others like Christ did, period! We were not born to judge, destroy, hurt, lie to, mock, knock down, belittle, fight, rip apart or break others. We were created to LOVE because God LOVED first. It’s sad to say that I see those hurtful things in the Christian church today. People willing to put aside the call of Love on our lives to get what they want. I want to see this change in the church and world. I want to see Christians come together in love and throw away strife to shower each other with love.

My sweet friend who took the time to write and mail a note of encouragement to me, lived out the call God has placed on her life. She has experienced many deep hardships in her own life, yet she shines bright. She is a beacon of light in my church and community. She has shown up every time she is needed and given her time, energy and even her home to help others. I was right to say that I hope to be like her, but she was right in telling me that I am like her. Those words filled my heart and gave me hope, someone does care, someone sees me. Don’t we all want that? Someone to see us and care?

Come on church, lets join together and see people! Lets move slower, listen harder and encourage one another. People matter, let’s make sure they know that!