Ever Get Jealous?

4-_MG_6738I like to tell it like it is, and I hope this blog can be a place I can be open and honest. So here goes, I am a very jealous person, which is a terrible personality trait. And one that God is constantly working on in my life. I struggle most with being jealous of other people’s talents or how God is using them. How silly is that? But it’s the truth.

I love worship music and I admire those who have the talents to play instruments and sing. How they can usher thousands into the throne room of grace. How their voices carry Gods words into the hearts of so many. It’s truly beautiful. But sometime I catch myself being jealous of these amazingly talented people. Sounds lame even typing it. But I do, I think to myself “man I wish I could do that. Why can’t I?” Isn’t that just like Satan to whisper those things, to make me doubt my gifts and talents? Satan would rather I be mad at God for not giving me working ears to hear correctly, Satan wants to stop me from using MY unique gifts. And being jealous of someone else’s gifts leaves me no time to use the ones God has given me.

1-_MG_6803God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another. 1 Peter 4:10

We each have special gifts, every single person God created was made with specific talents. Mine just isn’t singing, and if you know me, you know singing is not my gift. But instead of sitting around moping about why you can’t be like “so and so”, get up and use what you’ve been given.


God has given me a love for photography and has placed many many opportunities on my path to serve others with my camera. I get to photograph life events, capture special moments and bless people with forever memories. I love my JOB! But truly my favorite thing to photograph is worship bands and people worshiping. Satan tries to use my weakness (jealousy) to cause me to hate others and covet things that aren’t mine. However my God says, “I’ve made you uniquely you, now go and use what I have given you”.

2-_MG_6820Instead of looking at others around you wanting what they have, take the time today to look inside you and discover the amazing person God created in you.

If we were all the same, life would be boring. No one would be special and nothing would ever happen. But we were made by the most creative artist, God himself made you, every inch of you and He doesn’t want you to waste your life wanting to be someone else. He wants you to live your life serving Him and others with the amazing gifts and talent He has only given you.

Although I would love to be able to sing like my best friend Sarah Lynn or be able to play almost every instrument like my friend Bradley Lewis. But it would be a waste of time, because I was born with a hearing lose that makes it very hard for me to hear and understand music correctly. So instead of being someone I’m not and coveting other people’s talents, I choose to use my own. Photography, encouraging, teaching and writing is what God has me. And I hope and pray He will always give me opportunities to share His love with others.

Here’s the challenge, be YOU today! It’s time to start being the unique you God created you to be. So GO!