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Full Circle


I have been working with students since I was a student. Teenage girls are my mission in life, loving them and telling them about Jesus is the passion God has placed on my heart. I serve in student ministry because amazing adults came along side me, loved me and made me the person I am today, and it makes me happy to call those leaders my friends now. However after 12 years in student ministries and serving in 3 different churches, for the first time I’ve gotten to watch a group of student come full circle. As a leader we aren’t promised to see the end result, we are called to love and plant seeds and tend them. But a lot of the time we don’t get to reap the harvest.

Well, it hit me hard this past Sunday night as I was speaking with my Co-leader about the struggles of working with teens. It clicked in my head, this co- leader I was talking to used to be one of my small group girls, I had always known that. But what hit me was she is now experiencing the heart ache I experienced as her leader. I smiled with pride in the woman of God she has become and how her heart breaks for teens. And I have the honor to sit across from her and see the harvest God is reaping!

Four years ago I truly thought I would NEVER work with students again. I thought the door has slammed shut on my passion and that I was done. But my God doesn’t work that way, He doesn’t place a passion inside you that He isn’t going to use. Almost exactly four years ago I walked into a new youth group, I was testing it out seeing if I was a good fit for this ministry, when I met three amazing girls. Hannah, Emma and Nicole embraced me as their leader. They allowed me to be apart of their lives. They put up with my short comings and listened when I told them things. They showered me with love and let me be witness to the mighty work God was doing in their lives. They have done far more to shape my heart, then I could ever do in shaping theirs.

Here I am today still in awe of the women they have become. They are all grown up, and ALL currently serving the Lord with their life and I am proud to call each of them my friend. What an amazing honor, what a huge win, to get to see the teens you loved become servants of Jesus Christ. I got to watch them grow up, make mistakes, learn lesson, go to camps, serve others, go to proms and I got be there as each one of them walked across the stage at their graduation. I have tears welling up in my eyes as I type this because I am so very proud of each of them and I will thank God every day for bringing me to my church so I could meet them.

I have literally climbed mountains with these girls, I have held them in my arms as they cried, I have prayed with them, I have walked with them through life. And they have been there for me as well, they have each babysat my kids for free, prayed for me during hard times, encouraged me, and loved me with out question. My God is so amazing, and I can’t believe He allowed me to do what I do. These girls are World Changers and will go out into the world and do more than I could even dream. My heart is full knowing I got to be a small part of their BIG story. It is my hope and prayer that I get to be a part of their lives forever. I look forward to writing about getting to watch them get married and start their own families, and tell you all about the amazing things they are doing. But if I don’t get to, I will forever know that they are loving God and serving others with their lives, because that’s who they are.

Please join me in praying for each of these amazing woman!

19-IMG_8683Hannah, is finishing up her last year in community college and will be heading to another school several hours away this fall. She will be living far from family and friends as she pursues the call God has placed on her life. She is currently serving as a small group leader to 17 amazing high school girls and is chasing God’s plan for her life with everything she has. Her heart for God and passion to love Him is inspiring to so many. Pray for her has a chapter ends in her life and a new one begins.

21-IMG_0983Nicole, is making magic with her talent of turning videos into master pieces. She serves at our church and makes amazing works of art for so many ministries with the videos she creates. She also lights up every room she walks into with her smile. Her tender heart and sweet spirit is inspiring others to be the people God wants them to be. Pray that God would open doors for her to do more with her gifts and that she will be appreciated for all her amazing work!

01-IMG_0063Emma, I will never forget the tears that fell down my face as I hugged her a few weeks ago when she returned from traveling the world for six months sharing the love of Jesus with others. This girl is sold out for Christ and is giving everything she has to tell others about Him. She is currently home for several months, before heading out again to learn more and love more. Pray for her safety and that God will continue to give her courage to be the woman God meant her to be.

Thankful today for the gift from God to get to see His work in the lives of the students He’s placed in my life. I want to encourage all of you to keep going, keep loving, IT’S WORTH IT! I know that not all of you are youth leaders, but we all love people and loving people is hard, because we don’t always get the reaction we want. But keep loving. Because nothing we do for Christ is in vain. He will use every once of love you have to bring forth change in this world, whether we get to see it or not. Thank you for letting me gush about these amazing girls, I am so very proud of each of them!