1-_MG_8990I’m an idea person.

I love thinking creatively.

How do you get inspired? What do you do with your inspiration?

I carry a journal with me everywhere I go. I take notes in it, write down ideas, glue keepsakes in it and make art in it. I think if most people were to look in my journals it would look like a lot of crazy. But it all makes sense to me, it all comes together as one beautiful piece of my life. When I look through old journals I find new inspiration in old ideas, I find idea’s for blogs, get inspired for new ways to shot photography and rediscover God’s promises for me. I can’t stress the power of keeping journals, and how it’s made me a more creative person.

The reason I carry a journal with me everywhere, is because I never know when I will find inspiration. God is constantly moving and speaking to us, and I don’t want to miss it. If I don’t write something down I will forget it, i keep notes, lists and calendars everywhere. My calendar app on my phone as saved my life on many occasions. So if i can’t remember a doctor’s appointment, I sure won’t remember the feeling I got when I saw rainbows in a grease puddle outside a store. But it’s those things that I write down and connect to. I know it’s weird, but it’s how my brain works.

Are you a creative person? How do you get your idea’s and what do you do with them?