I choose JOY, not because my life is perfect but because my GOD is! 

1-_MG_5878I love asking people questions. It’s how I learn about them and get to know them. Most likely if we are friends I’ve had some good questions to ask you. One of my favorite questions is “What has been the greatest moment in your life?” The answer to that question shines a lot of light on what makes that person happy and reveals their heart.

The greatest moment in my life was the day I became a mom. Most people meet me and are shocked that I have a six-year-old daughter, I typically get confused for being a high school student! But I am a proud mom and I can’t help but smile ear to ear when I look at this picture of my daughter. I had no idea I could love someone so much. The moment she was placed into my arms I thought my heart would explode with love. How could I have ever done anything to deserve this beautiful, blonde, blue-eyed, stunning girl? But that moment, that exact moment when I became her mom, is the greatest moment of my life.

Her middle name is Joy and she has lived up to that name everyday of her life. She has shined joy into every moment of our lives. I thank God for the daily reminder of my daughter for me to CHOOSE joy. Joy isn’t something that just happens to you, you have to choose it. Life is so full of disappointment, hardships and hurt. However when we choose joy we are showing the world who we live for, Christ.

It’s not easy and even now I am in a season where choosing joy is really hard. But with each passing day choosing to have a joyful heart gets easier. My life is so far from perfect, however being loved by God and knowing I am His makes that choice so much easier.

I want to challenge you to choose JOY today, even if it’s hard. You never know, your joy could help point someone to Christ.