Laughter is the best…

Check out this video! I serve in an amazing ministry that just celebrated its 10 year Birthday last night!

One of the coolest things I get to do is make kids and their families laugh once a month in my churches children’s ministry DK Live. It’s awesome and I have never seen anything like it at a church. We put on a full-scale production with dancers, singers and actors and we teach families about God, Faith and Values. It’s a fun way to share God’s love with families. It’s a great place to bring friends who have never been to church and it shows children that the bible is fun.

The sound of laughter makes me smile and the sound of someone I love laughing makes my heart sing! Getting to be a part of this ministry doesn’t just help the families I serve, but it blesses my heart. I get more out of it then you could know, such a blessing to bless people. The feeling of making someone happy and bringing them joy is incredible and makes it easy to serve in a ministry.

The greatest thing about living the life God wants for you, means you get to do the things you love. And making people laugh is something I love! I’ve loved being on stage since I was 13 years old. And the fact that God is using that love to serve others is amazing. I never thought that I could use acting to glorify Jesus. That is how awesome our God is, He can use anything, every single one of our talents and gifts to further His kingdom. Please don’t think you have nothing God can use, He created you and wants to use you in mighty ways.

I want to encourage you today! Just because your talents may not lie in the typical “church” list of gifts, doesn’t mean you can’t use them to make a difference. I get to be goofy and silly for Jesus, you can do anything for Him! What do you love to do? How can you use that to serve others?

You get one life to live, make it worth it! Do what you love.