Making Ripples

23-_MG_7579I’ve never photographed ripples in water before this weekend. You wouldn’t think it was that hard, but it was. I had my daughter throw a pebble into a puddle and I had to get the timing just right to catch the perfect circles made by her tiny action. It took us a while to get it just right, but we got it. And when I showed her this photo she said “Wow! That’s cool”. It was a sweet moment. I love looking at life through children’s eyes. They have such a pure way of looking at the world, with such awe and wonder. As we talked about how the pebble made those rings in the photograph I got to thinking about life and how God created us to make ripples, and that we make them everyday with our actions.

In life our actions either big or small make ripples into others lives. The things we say, the time we take and the choices we make affect others. Sometimes for good and sometimes in negative ways. When we stop to think about how our life affects others we make more strategic ripples. Because no matter what we do, we will affect people. So why not be aware of how we act and affect others?

In my house we have a saying, “If mama’s not happy, no one is happy”. Is it the same in your house? I know that I keep the pace in our house, if I’m having an off day, the kids are effected. If I’m sick the whole house falls to pieces. However if I’m happy and excited it’s contagious and it even makes my husband have a better day at work. It’s a lot of pressure to put on one person. And when I think about it in that way it’s hard work to keep my ripples under control and keep my family happy and healthy. At times it seems like too big of a job, way to much for one person to carry. When I focus on the weight of our little “saying” it’s over whelming and impossible. And it is impossible for one person to always make the right choices and cause effective positive ripples all the time.

The greatest thing is I’m not doing it alone, and neither are YOU! I’m not perfect and I have BAD days, however God is with me and I never walk alone. There’s a song I love called Never Once, you should check it out! I’m listening to it now as I write… that was a total rabbit trail, sorry.

Back to ripples! When I put Christ at the center of my world, my actions are effected and my joy increases. Therefore my ripples are more effective. When I’ve taken time to read my bible, when I’ve sat down and wrote my heart out to Christ, my choices are better, therefore my ripples make a better impact on those around me. When we realize that our life is gauged on our closeness to our Savior, we make Him our priority.

What ripples are you making with your life? How are they effecting the people around you? What needs to change to make those ripples positive ones?