My City

1-_MG_7506I have lived in the City of Simi Valley for a decade. It’s a wonderful place to live and raise children in. But it is also a city full of people who need to know Jesus Christ. I constantly get wrapped up in my own life and the business of everything and forget about God’s mission in my life, all of our lives. Jesus said:

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Matthew 28:19

We so often read that verse I think, “That doesn’t apply to me, that’s for missionaries”. And that’s a lie. That verse is to everyone who calls them self a Christian. I haven’t been doing the best job at loving people in my community. I’m busy, aren’t you? Satan loves to keep us busy so we forget about Gods plans for us.

It’s really easy for me to reach out to teenagers, I’ve been doing it for years. But reaching out to others, making friends with people and building relationships with them, I haven’t been good at that. It’s actually scary. When we reach out we take a risk, and for so many of us that risk seems too great. But it’s not. God will not lead you where He can’t go. He has placed you where you are for a reason. He has placed people in your life for you pray for and love. He knows what He’s doing, whether we know or understand. God’s got this!

So I am challenging myself and all of you to pray for the city you live in. Pray that God would open doors for you to meet and love others in you community. That God would use us to move in a mighty way in the city we live in. However we need to take the first step, we need to trust God. If He leads you, you need to go.

We far too often think “I should talk to that person.” or “I should really say hi to my neighbor” but then something comes up and we move on in our business. We need stop putting it off and listening to God’s voice in our life, and when He nudges us, we need to GO!

So pray for me, lets all pray today for our city! God will be faithful to answer.