1-_MG_6696-001I don’t do well being told “No”. I mean really who does?

When I hear the word “No” it takes everything in me to control myself. I want to throw a fit like a little child. Kicking and screaming and fighting to get my way. Although I rarely actually do that, it happens in my head far more often than I’d like to admit.

The worst “No” to hear is from God. When you want something, dream of something, pray for something and He shuts the door and says “No”. I mean how can you ague with God? He’s the creator of the Universe and is orchestrating my story with his very own hands. Yet when God tells me no, I want to stomp my feet and tell Him He’s wrong.

But God does have a plan, and He’s writing each of our stories.

I love doing an exercise with my small group girls where I tell them to pair up, I give them one piece of paper and one pencil. Then I tell them they both have to hold the pencil and draw a picture with out talking. It’s pretty funny to watch them push and pull and fight for control over the drawing. After playing this a few times they realize that one of them has to give up control and just let the other one draw the picture. There’s no way to get a descent drawing if both people are trying to be in control.

That’s the way we are with God. We fight for control over writing our story. When we argue with Him we mess up the picture. It’s only when we let go of control and allow Him to plan out our life, that we get to see the Big picture He has planned for us.

I’ve grown a lot in my relationship with God and with each day it’s easier to let go. I’m not saying that I don’t have my tantrum moments with God, i do. However every time I give Him control, I truly have freedom to live.

Today begin to loosen your grip on the pencil, let God write your story… He’s got this.