One of Those Days

Ever have one of those days?

Sometimes does it feel like you’ve been having one of those months!?

1-_MG_2438I’m right there with you. I kinda feel like I’ve been having one of those years!

We work hard, live the best life we can and it hits us… the BAD day. We all have them. But it’s how we live through them that shows the world who we put our trust into. In the bible we meet Job who has not just a bad day, he lost everything, his family, home, possessions, friends and even his health. However in the mist of horrific pain and sorrow Job praised God. His life through the ups and downs pointed straight to God. What an amazing testimony! Job never stopped loving God, never once lost faith. Even when everyone else told him to curse God, he refused.

I know I find myself questioning God on my bad days, and getting angry at Him when things don’t go the way I want them. But I catch myself and remind myself that my God is the same yesterday, today and always. He is ALWAYS good, no matter what kind of day I have.

You will have bad days, that’s a fact. But it’s how we choose to live through them that will shape who we are and the people we interact with. When the world sees you go through hardships and you still love the Lord, you continue to serve and honor Him, the people around you are effected. The way you live through hard times speaks louder than the life you live when things are good. You will show more people Christ during your roughest times then you ever will on your best day. Because when you love God when your faith is tested proves who you put your trust in, JESUS CHRIST. You are a living testimony of who God is. He is the one and only God, who is good today and always.

What do you do to get through a rough patch?

I need time in Gods word and prayer. In my early 20s I would run away from God when times were hard, and it never helped me feel better and it never made the situation better. Now I know daily time with God helps me every day, not just on the hard ones. If you wait until times are rough to talk to God, there’s are really good chance you won’t. God isn’t a hotline that you only call when you’re in trouble. He wants a relationship with you. It is having a deep and real relationship with Him everyday that gets me through bad days.

Don’t wait until you have a bad day to talk to God.