Real Beauty

PLEASE watch this video in it’s entirety.



Growing up I was awkward, never the pretty one and people let me know that. Being repeatedly told that during my childhood has shaped how I think about myself as an adult. I use over 15 products on my face everyday to be “presentable”. I can probably count on one hand how many people have actually seen me with out make up. I’ve set alarms to make sure I wake up before my students at camp to make sure I am “presentable” before they get up. I have rarely left my house with out make up on, and even when in the hospital I have a make up bag with me, for fear that someone will see the awkward girl behind the sparkle and paint.

But somehow I can tell my friends and the girls I work with in student ministry that they are beautiful, that they shine so bright, that they are beautiful inside and out. I see them the way God sees them, and it breaks my heart when they can’t see that. I have spent over a decade loving and speaking into girls lives. I want them to know they are beautiful and walk with their heads held high. Yet feeling beautiful is a huge struggle for me. The video above by Dove is shocking, that strangers could see the truth in a person more than the person themselves. We are far to harsh on ourselves and pick at what we think are imperfections. I sat with my mouth hanging open as strangers saw beauty and light in these women, that they couldn’t see. How extraordinary?!

I need to start listening to the words I tell my girls, which is hard. God NEVER makes mistakes and only makes master pieces. Satan has lied to women for far too long, it’s time to rise up and take back the beauty that God has created. And live with confidence in the creation God masterfully designed in us.

You are more beautiful than you think.

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