8a842240838b11e2952822000a1f9695_7Yesterday I got to lay in the sand and watch the amazing sun shine on the pacific ocean. I love the beach, that is an under statement. If I could live there I would, it is my absolute favorite place to be and I feel peace there in my hectic life. It’s March in SoCal and yesterday was our first warm day of the year and it was glorious. Sun shining so bright 75 degrees and just the sweetest cool breeze. It was a prefect day at Zuma.

As I sat on the shore I was in awe of how sparkly the ocean was. Usually the waves are so choppy and rough you can’t see the sparkle, but yesterday everything was perfect for the sun to hit the water just right to make it look like a million dancing mirrors. Probably one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life. I couldn’t even think of anything else, just sat there in awe of such a beautiful thing. I felt like God had custom made that moment just for me.

The sparkle is always there, but it’s only when the waves calm down that you can see it and enjoy it. God is always there, but we need to slow down and stop so we can see Him and appreciate His power and glory.

Don’t be so busy that you miss God’s amazing grace. Don’t be in such a hurry that you lose sight of His great love for you. Don’t push-off worshiping your savior for another day, do it today.

Don’t miss the sparkle.