Standing at the Edge

1-001Have you ever had a “mountain top” moment in your life? A moment in time where you’ve climbed a mountain in your life and you can see all you’ve accomplished and then you turn to see what lays ahead, that moment? That moment you can finally stand up and see the work you’ve done and the valleys and hills you had to traverse to get to this very point. You’ve struggled, you’ve made it, it feels good to stand on the mountain top and see the steps you’ve taken in faith, the moments you stumbled and experience the joy of a job well done. That moment… have you been there?

Well I am currently standing in that moment, I am on the edge of something BIG, something God has been preparing me for, for the past twelve years. This moment is what we work for, the final step in a major journey. It is breath-taking to stop and bask in God’s unending love. You stand there thanking God for what He’s accomplished, but then the moment comes, you turn around and you see you’re journey isn’t done yet. Ahead of you lays a new adventure, an adventure you’ve never experienced, one that there is no road map for. You can’t fully see what is ahead and you are on the edge and God calls you to jump!

Looking into the future and not being able to see clearly what God has planned for you is scary. It’s so easy to see how God moved and worked in the past, but the future holds so much uncertainty and the unknown scares the crud out of me. But I was created for this very moment.

God gives us these moments to push us to keep going. He shows us His faithfulness and says, “I keep my promises, trust me with the next step.” It’s good to take a moment and look at your life, see all the work you’ve done, and for me it’s bitter-sweet and I have an ache in my heart as I say goodbye to the hard work God did in and through me. It’s ok to take that moment and thank God for all He’s done and remember how He did everything He said He would do. I’m going to miss that adventure because the one ahead of me is so different. And different sparks fear in my heart. But there is something about that fear that is exciting, I am ready for something different, ready for God to stretch and use me in ways I never thought possible. That excitement totally out weighs my fear and I am fully ready to jump!

Joshua 1:9 Have not I commanded you? Be STRONG and of a good COURAGE; be not afraid, neither be you dismayed: for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.

So I’m trusting my Jesus with this next step. I’m going to be starting a new adventure next week, in a new direction and I am excited for something NEW, something unexpected. I can’t wait to be able to tell you exactly what I am talking about and the amazing people I am joining on this new journey. I promise you will know soon. Please pray for me as I change directions and follow God into the unknown, I’ve always felt the support and prayers of my social media family, so thank you ahead of time for your love and support!

What mountains have you climbed? What adventure is God asking you to jump into? Lets walk this journey together! I’d love to pray for you. Comment, message, tweet and facebook me and it would be my pleasure to support you on your adventure with God!