1-IMG_0983Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of witnesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. Hebrews 12:1

When I was in high school I ran track and cross-country (very briefly), and most people think about running as an individual sport. Unless you run the relay of course. Besides that, when you run a race there is only one winner, but in reality I could never finish a race if I wasn’t running with a team. We trained together and practically lived together during track season. I know lots of people who can run on their own and push themselves, however I need a team. I need support, because running is not my favorite and every inch of my body wants to give up after the first mile. I needed someone to talk to while I run, someone to push me and encourage me. And just the fact that I’m not in it alone makes the race easier.

Well ministry is the exactly the same. I guess it’s possible for people to accomplish things on their own, but man it’s so much better with a team. It took me years to realize that I can’t do ministry alone. I used to think that I could do it better on my own and that others would just slow me down and trip me up. I hated relying on people and would worry endlessly about whether or not they would finish tasks, so it became “easier” (so I thought) to just do EVERYTHING on my own. Until a few years ago when God brought my family and I to Discovery Church and man did God change my heart about having a team.

Above are just a few of my teammates in life. These girls mean the world to me and we serve God together at Remedy Student Ministries, in Simi Valley, California. Having these girls on my team isn’t just about Sunday nights when we work together to help put on our evening service, it means a daily walk together. It’s coffee dates, cooking together, game nights and silly girl time together, that has made us a team. We look out for each other, and stop what we are doing to be there for one another. We pray for each other, we know when someone is having a rough day and we come along side each other not as ministry partners but as family.

You can’t just say “we are a team”, it doesn’t work that way, you need to live it. We are friends and over the past year have truly grown into being sisters. Time spent together outside the church walls has built a love and trust that makes us bonded. We have the same goal, to glorify God with our lives and actions together. we want God to speak to the hearts of students in our city and are willing to do whatever it takes to meet that goal. We are running TOGETHER, side by side. Some days are harder than others and sometimes you need to slow down to help a teammate, but we stick together. We’re running the race and we are going to finish together.

You don’t have to do life alone, I had to learn that the hard way. I thought I was better on my own and all it left me with was burned out and sadly the loss some friends. God did not create you to run this race alone. He created a team for you, a team that will make you better and stronger, a team that needs your talents and a team that will accomplished so much more together then apart. So keep running toward Christ and look to see who’s running with you, grab their hands and support each other. It will be well worth the work.

Thank you Nicole, Sarah, Bri, Kellie and Kali for loving me and putting up with me over this past year, it’s been a rough one. I am honored to serve beside you and can’t wait to see what God does in the years to come in each of your lives. You have no idea what an impact you all have had on my heart!