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That Moment…

1-photoWe all work hard balancing life, family, work and friends. We hope that we love well and speak truth into our kids lives. I’m a mother of two incredible kids, they light up my world and make everything magical. I have my own business and I volunteer in multiple ministries at my church, my life can get crazy, as I know yours can as well. I worry that I’m away from home too much, I fear I’m not doing my best as a mom. I’m hyper critical of myself and I wish I was a better. Do you ever feel that way?

But then “that moment” happens. The moment when your children surprise you. The moment that shows you you aren’t failing. I needed that moment…Yesterday my beautiful 6-year-old daughter brought me breakfast in bed and handed me a lovely hand-made Mother’s Day card. The card had a basket on it with things that “Mommy Loves”. I asked my daughter to explain it to me:

“My Mama loves cooking, eating candy and flowers. She loves cameras and taking pictures, she loves her family. She drinks lots of coffee. And most of all my Mama loves Jesus.”

Tears came to my eyes. She knows her mama. All of it was very very true, especially the drinking lots of coffee part! But the last part made my heart swell. “Most of all my Mama loves Jesus”. My biggest fear is that I would fail in showing the love of Christ to my children. I, like many of us get caught up in the day-to-day “busy” of life and we lose track of what’s most important. However this mother’s day my daughter showed me that I must be doing something right. We all need to be reminded that we aren’t perfect, but we are doing something right. We are trying, and our kids see it.

8d695d56bb2411e2aeb522000a9f14e4_7I pray that I would be a better mother, that my kids would know Christ personally and would live a life that honors Him in all they do. If everything else went away, if I never had another photo shoot, if I never work at a church, if I never have another cup of coffee, the only thing that matters is how I raise my children. I need to never stop trying to be better, never stop showing them and teaching them who our God is. That is my purpose in life and this mother’s day my sweet daughter showed me I’m living out that purpose.

Join me as I pray for my kids, as I seek God’s heart and strive to do more and be more as a mom!