The House Of God…

2-_MG_8887Growing up in the America I never knew a church could look like this! On a trip to Poland a few years ago I had the pleasure of photographing some of the most amazing churches I’ve ever seen in my life. This church is in Krakow Poland and it’s over 1000 years old. I loved learning that artists from around the world would travel to Europe to build these churches. Sculptors, painters, glass workers, masons, gold smiths, and every other type of artist wanted to work on these buildings. It just takes my breath away.

What if we allowed artists to be a part of building our churches today in the US? What an amazing ministry to a group of people who have been otherwise left out of the church world.

The church preaches so much about using our talents and God-given gifts to glorify Him. But we have completely shut out the art world from our church, because they are different and uncontrollable.

These are the random thoughts I think about… How could we as the Church better include artists and their work into our ministries?