Last weekend I had the honor of attend the first ever Hillsong Conference in LA! The fellowship with friends, challenging teaching and mind blowing worship was priceless. I get goose bumps just thinking about it. It was one of the most incredible two days I’ve had the pleasure of living in my life. Sitting next to my husband and hearing him sing his heart out as we worshiped together was my favorite part of the two day event, nothing compares to that. Getting to exchange ideas and thoughts with our closest friends about church and how to love others better was fantastic. The teaching was incredible, I took over 20 pages of notes on how to be a better leader. I felt like God awakened something inside of me and is preparing me for something new and bigger then I can imagine. If you ever get the chance to attend a conference I would highly recommend it. We are never done growing, never done learning, never done developing and if you get the opportunity to worship with thousands of other believers and learn something knew about yourself, your God and your ministry, you have to do it!

At the conference Hillsong introduced there newest addition to their family Hillsong Young and Free. I absolutely fell in love with them. They are approaching worship in a new and fresh way and I really think the youth of today is going to LOVE it as well. Our God is so amazing and diverse. He has a heart for all walks of life and all ages, He wants to reach the entire world and He wants to meet them where they are. This new group will bring the love of Jesus Christ to a whole new generation, that’s so EXCITING!

The words in their songs are powerful and the energy is electric. Take a second and listen to Wake, my personal favorite. My kids and I have been dancing around the house praising Jesus as we listen to this album. I hope you take some time today to dance before the Lord with joy and praise!!!!!!!!!!!

We only get one life, make sure you dance!