When Did This Happen? My Babies Aren’t Babies!

IMG_7520IMG_7529Seven years ago I became a mom, this rocked my world and changed my life in the best possible way. My beautiful Sienna Joy entered the world and filled it with a rainbow of light, and a little over three years later God gave me the gift of my Eli Daniel. Eli came into this world roaring like a lion and his wild spirit has set my life on the course of the greatest adventure. These two miracles have truly made me the person I am today. I have rocked them through the night, held them as they slept, wiped away tears, kissed boo boos, read thousands of books, chased, hugged and heard every giggle. They are everything.

I am entering a new season of life with my babies, they aren’t babies anymore! With our move we sold/donated every baby toy, onesie, crib, rocking chair and stroller. No more baby stuff, and Eli finally conquered potty training! With that there are no more diaper bags filled with toys, sippy cups, blankies, wipes and diapers. I can now leave the house with just my keys and a wallet! Both my babies are full-fledged big kids, they are independent, they push me with intelligent questions, they care about others and want to make a difference in our world. I am blown away, I wasn’t truly ready for this, ready for them to be so big. But here I am, Mama to two amazing big kids.

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”
― Dr. Seuss

I just adore this Dr. Seuss quote, although the photo below of my two babies makes me misty eyed, they are not tears of sadness, but of joy. God allowed me to be their mom, He made it so I could stay home with them and be the one who cared for them. I am forever blessed by who they are. I can smile as I look back at those years. I have no idea what God has in store for me and my family. But for now I will enter this new season excited, long gone are the late night feedings and endless crying. I now look forward to listening to their ideas about our world, watching them learn from mistakes and achieve their goals. I have butterflies in my stomach as I look at this new chapter in our lives. I know I am in the midst of the greatest adventure of my life!

We are all in different places in our lives. Some of you are still in school looking toward becoming adults, some of you are single longing to be married, others are married and enjoying the honeymoon phase of life and some of you are watching your kids grow up, we are all somewhere. The thing I want to encourage you with today is to keep going, keep trusting in God’s story. We can’t stay in the past, no matter how much we want to freeze time or fast forward. We need to live in the now, push to be the best we can be. God knows exactly where you are supposed to be, He is shaping your story and building a life that will reflect His love.

I hope you take some time today to thank God for where you’ve been and pray for what He has waiting for you head!