Where is your quite place?

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“Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” Mark 6:31

God created us different, with different wants and needs. We are a unique creation crafted by the master artist. My God is so amazing and so creative, He cannot be contained into a worship service or shoved into a building. My God is everywhere and in everything, and it’s awesome that there isn’t just one way to worship Him. If you think worship is standing at church and singing, you’d be right. However it’s not the only way to worship the Almighty God of the universe, and if it’s the only way you worship Him, you’re missing out on an amazing relationship with your Savior.

God speaks to me in so many creative ways. I love being in His creation and standing still to hear His voice in the breeze, I love to actually feel Him in nature. My mind is most centered on Him while singing His praises through music, if only I had any talent in the musical department. But I don’t care, I love to sing my heart out and raise my hands in worship to my God. I also talk to Him best through writing in my journal, I feel like I can write anything and know He is reading it. There’s such an intimacy in writing to someone, especially to God! I love that I can go back through my journals and see how God has moved in my life, the answered prayers and the journey He has taken me on.

My heart is most filled with His great joy when I paint. I’ve always loved art, but never thought I was good enough to put brush to canvas. Until a few months ago my husband got me started with paints, canvases and brushes. To my surprise not only was it calming in my crazy busy world, it was a way I could worship my God. I talk to Him as I paint, thank Him for all He’s given me. I think about scriptures I read earlier and I get to be quite in front of Him. As I pull the paint across the canvas I feel a closeness with God that I rarely feel other places. There’s something special about each way God moves in my life, spending time with Him in nature, through music, writing and painting connects me to Him. Connecting with my God in so many different ways, builds a deeper, richer relationship with Him that continues past Sunday morning.

As a teenager I thought the only way to talk to God was at church or maybe at a church camp. I had no idea that God was so much bigger then that. It took letting go of what I thought worship looked like, to allow myself to love and interact with God the way my heart and mind understands best. God created me with an artistic mind and I find peace when I am creating, my mind is more open to listen to Him and to speak freely with my Savior when my hands are occupied. God created me and knows me best, He finds delight in the ways I worship Him, and you know what? He finds joy in how you worship Him as well!

There are so many great things about God, and one thing I love so much about Him is He wants to meet us where we are, in a place we feel safe. You may not be a painter and maybe you hate writing. But God created you uniquely YOU, and has a specific love language in which He wants to speak to you in. You need to find your quite place, find the way your heart best worships and your mind is willing to listen to God’s leading and GO THERE!

Come near to God and he will come near to you… James 4:8

God is waiting for you, He longs to spend time with you. He promises that if you come near to Him, He will come near to you! What an amazing gift, to know that the King of Kings wants to be near you. Take the time today to find your quite place, dig deeper in your relationship with your God and WORSHIP.