Words Have Power

I love writing. I’ve been writing in journals since I was a little girl. I learned the written word was powerful at a young age. As a girl I loved reading and listening to amazing pastors preach their hearts out. Words held power, and I was fascinated. I’ve filled boxes with journals since I first got inspired to write my heart down on paper. Writing is also how I feel closest to my God. I know I can talk to Him in my journals and I truly believe He cares about the words I write. How amazing is that? An almighty God caring about what some chick in California thinks. But He does! And He also cares about what’s on your heart.

Six years ago I was encouraged by friends and family to put my writings out in the world on a blog. So I started blogging, I mean why not? And by Gods grace people around the world read my words and were encouraged. I received amazing feed back and met some amazing people through my blog posts. I was blessed with awesome guest bloggers and felt like God was doing something powerful with my blog. But after five years of writing everyday and feeling called by God to write, someone else’s words crushed my heart. A friend I respected and loved told me that my blog was pointless and they didn’t see a reason to read it. Sadly I don’t think that person would even remember that they said this to me, or care that those words made me drop my pen and doubt myself and the person God made me to be. We’ve all heard the saying:

“Sticks and stone may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”

That saying couldn’t be more false. Words hold power. They can uplift, encourage, inspire, love and they can also hurt, tear down, be little, crush and break peoples hearts.

 There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing. Proverbs 12:18

Those words hurt. They cut deep, because that person meant something to me and what they thought held value. It didn’t matter how many hits I had on my blog, how many retweets, follows, subscriptions or the amazing emails, comments and messages I received.  Just one conversation with someone I cared about could end a life long passion of mine. Words have power, we need to use them wisely.

I spent this past year praying and pursuing Christ and waiting to feel lead in a new direction, that maybe writing and teaching wasn’t His plan for me. But over and over again I would pick up my journal and wrote my heart out. And I’m proud to say that even though those words hurt me and stopped me for a little while, I am convinced that God has a plan for my words and that He wants me to write!

So here we are launching lauramilner.com: “One Life Well Lived”. Although this blog bares my name, it’s a place for God to speak and encourage. God has placed a dream and a passion in my heart and I am done hiding from that dream and ready to pursue Him as He leads me to write. God has given me one life and I am excited to follow Him on this adventure. Join me for some laughs, encouragement, teaching and love. If just one person is inspired by the life that I am privileged to live, if just one person is encouraged and feels Gods endless love for them and starts their own adventure with their Savior, then this blog was worth starting. I’m not sure exactly what God will do with this site, but I’m going to keep writing and let Him work.

I still respect and love the person who hurt me with their words. But the BIGGEST lesson I learn this year is that the only words I need to take to heart is Gods word, He promises to love and cherish me. He created me with a purpose and I believe writing is that purpose. So lets jump into Gods adventure together and discovery what God created you for!